Botanically Based Hand Dyed Silk Ribbons

It was through a need for a specific color of silk ribbon that lead me down this path, one where using plant based dyes tapped into my love of color, experimentation, learning, and alchemy...gorgeous colors developed in front of my eyes, thanks to Mother Nature, and a LOT of ongoing research, reading, and testing - all of which I am still enjoying.

What you see here are some of my first generation of colors...nudes, pinks, Caribbean blues...I hope to add more hues as I continue this journey and delve deeper into the world of botanically based dyeing.

Thank you for your generous and kind feedback, I so appreciate it!  While the majority of these colors are not "in stock and ready to ship" at the moment, and while I intend to create colors for my own use and to compliment my calligraphy work a few colors are available for purchase in the Ribbon Shop.

The Ribbon Shop is taking a siesta while my family packs up and moves to a new home...gotta pack all the dye stuffs!  The shop will be back open in late May.  Any orders already placed will be fulfilled.


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