Dr. Ph. Martin Copperplate Gold + Rose Gold Pearl Ex

When I developed Rose Gold Pearl Ex, I wanted it to be a versatile color.  I wanted the calligrapher to be able to adjust the color to match any foil or ink from a printer.  I created a color with a heavy rose base, so that you can add gold, copper, or bronze Pearl Ex pigments as needed.  As with the other Pearl Ex shades, it can be added to several types of mediums (ink and paint).  My next few blog posts will feature how to customize Rose Gold Pearl Ex with other mediums to achieve a custom color. First up:  Dr. Ph. Martin's Iridescent Copperplate Gold, a staple acrylic gold ink in many a calligrapher's tool kit, including my own.  Copperplate Gold is a great gold ink option.  It flows wonderfully from most nibs, and as with any acrylic based ink, it stands up very well to postal service processing machines and water.  It does require frequent stirring, because the metallic pigment particles are heavier than the medium (they will settle to the bottom of the jar), which can be tedious on larger envelope projects.  Adding Pearl Ex to Copperplate Gold will sacrifice some line quality (vs water based ink), in that there is some loss of crisp hairline transitions, especially underturns.  The addition of Pearl Ex makes the ink stand up from the paper just a wee bit more, so you get that nice tacile quality while running your fingers over the dried ink.  The shimmer boost from adding Pearl Ex is gorgeous!  I always add Brilliant Gold Pearl Ex to Copperplate Gold to add an extra dimension of shimmer...bling bling!

I find it takes quite a bit, like A LOT, of Rose Gold Pearl Ex mixed with Copperplate Gold to achieve a nice pink color, but once you get there, it's really beautiful.  I use a jumbo sized dinky dip, fill it about 2/3 full, then added in total about 1 tsp of Rose Gold Pearl Ex, adding and stirring slowly.  The mixture ends up a bit thicker, so I added 3 drops of rubbing alcohol to thin it out.

All in all, I find this combination to be a great rose gold ink!

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