Pearl Ex Ink Mixing Video

Here is my video tutorial on how to mix Pearl Ex for use as ink.  Remember that it will take some testing to find the consistency that works with your nib and your style, adding water slowly for a thinner consistency.  Don't forget the Gum Arabic.  Happy mixing!

Mix 4 parts of pigment and 1 part gum arabic (liquid or solid), add distilled water slowly, and stir to an ink like consistency.

Exact Recipe (Imperial measurements):

- 1 teaspoon PearlEx pigment

- 1/4 teaspoon gum arabic (liquid or powder)

- 1 teaspoon distilled water.

Stir until combined.

Thinner consistency will lie flatter on the paper when dry, a thicker consistency will stand up a bit and have a raised texture on the paper when dry.  If I'm using Pearl Ex for envelope calligraphy, I will go with a thinner consistency and add a smidge more gum arabic so it holds up to postal processing.

Clumping Colors:

Some colors of PearlEx (the Chromatic Color collection) will be prone to clumping when mixed with gum arabic and water.  This is due to oils added during manufacturing.  These colors might not mix up well for use with pointed pen and I do not recommend them:

641 Pumpkin Orange, 683 Bright Yellow, 684 Flamingo Pink, 685 Spring Green, 686 Turquoise, 688 Misty Lavender, 632 Magenta, 636 Emerald, 650 Macropearl, 657 Sparkle Gold,