Frequently Asked...Is Pink Gold Pearl Ex the same color as Rose Gold?

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Nope, it's a totally different color!

Pink Gold is a duo tone color, meaning that it has both pink and gold pigments that will look different depending on the angle of your paper to light. It's a beautiful effect, and there are other duo tone colors in the Pearl Ex range.  Can you adjust Pink Gold?  Sure you can!  Adding more gold Pearl Ex or gold gouache will make it "golder", adding some pink will make it "pinker".  I think the duo tone quality of this color makes it very unique and gorgeous.

Rose gold is a single tone color, no changing color effect.  The pink pigments in this color are deeper (I like to say it's like a red rose color vs. bubble gum pink).  As you have already read here on a previous blog post, the color is totally adjustable with Pearl Ex, gouache, and other inks.

I love BOTH fact, Pink Gold was the first ever Pearl Ex color I tried, and it's still my number one always have a soft spot for your first crush...

When it comes to color...everyone has their own recipes and tastes, and/or what they are trying to match.  I encourage everyone to play around with's how you learn...explore and play!

Pink Gold and Rose Gold...shimmering beauties that make me happy!

pink vs rose gold

ps...4 parts Pearl Ex, 1 part gum arabic, add water and stir!