Custom Color: Rose Gold Pearl Ex

As I described in a previous post, when I was developing the Rose Gold Pearl Ex color, I wanted to create a color that was adjustable.  I found so many examples of rose gold in paper goods, leather, metal, and home goods that matching to one shade seemed too narrow a focus.  I usually custom match my gold ink for any job at hand, so the same would hold true for rose gold as well. One way to adapt Rose Gold Pearl Ex is to add existing shades of Pearl Ex.  The most common colors I use to create a custom match are Brilliant Gold, Super Copper, Super Bronze, and Salmon Pink.

Top to bottom and left to right: additions of Brilliant Gold, Super Copper, Super Bronze, and Salmon Pink.

Mix up Rose Gold Pearl Ex as you normally would, to the consistency you like for the nib you are using (4 parts pigment, 1 part gum arabic).  Then add your selected booster color in small amounts, stirring and testing as you go.  Depending on how much additional pigment you add, you might need to add more water.  Testing is key.  Add small amounts at a time and test as you go.  It's easier to add a lil at time because once it's in the mix, you can't take it out!

Don't forget to add your gum arabic!

Any one of the combinations would be a great rose gold!  From left to right:

1. Rose Gold , straight outta the jar.  heavy on the rose.

2. + Brilliant Gold = similiar to Pink Gold Pearl Ex, without the duo tone effect, really brightens it up a lot.

3. + Super Copper = adds rich depth.

4. + Super Bronze = oooh i really like this one, its gorgeous!

5. + Salmon Pink = well, what can i say? it makes it PINKER!  beautiful!

On white paper..

L to R = straight Rose Gold, + Salmon Pink, + Super Copper

My awesome friend and calligrapherMoya Carrollrecently needed to custom match rose gold ink.  "I had to colour match some letterpress and their rose gold was just a wee bit pinker, that's the magic of px - it can suit even the pickiest eyes."  Moya added a bit of Super Russett (a red color) to adjust the color...and voila!

Beautiful Moya!

One good justification to being a Pearl Ex hoarder, er I mean, well stocked on lots of colors, is the ability to custom mix to suit your needs.

Happy mixing!

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