Champagne Gold Ink

ooooh this is one of my favorite gold ink colors to mix up.  it's a cool toned, sophisticated gold, that i have used on white, ivory, and dark envelopes.  i luuuuuurve it! For this large size glass ice block ink well, i used an entire tube of Daler Rowney gouache in Silver, and 1.25 teaspoons of Pearl Ex Brilliant Gold, and Winsor and Newton Liquid Gum Arabic.

I unload the entire tube of gouache into my mixing cube, add a bit of water and stir gently.  i add a little bit of water first, just to get the mixture going.  Add more water until it's still thicker than you want it to end up.  Then i add Winsor and Newton liquid gum arabic, for this amount of ink I added 1/2 teaspoon (eyeballing it), and stir.  Once its all combined, i add the Pearl Ex Brilliant Gold, and again stir gently (LOTS of stirring when making ink!).  Finally, add a little bit more water and stir, keep adding until you get the consistency you like and for the nib you are using.  My general rule of thumb is that the less flexible the nib, the thinner the ink, and vice versa, the more flexible a nib, the thicker the ink can be (this is how I like my ink, every calligrapher has their own opinion).

I came up with this mix as an alternative (dupe) to Luna Gold from the Finetec Gold Palette.  i wanted to be able to dip rather than brush on this color for larger jobs.  I also find the opacity of this blend a tad bit better than the Luna Gold.

Cheers to ink bubbly!

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