Blackwing Pencil Comparison

I use a pencil just about a much as I use nib and ink...and I LOVE a good pencil.  Warming up my ovals, sketching, trying out new letterforms, note taking, and Moleskine jotting, a pencil is always on my desk. Have I tried every single pencil on the market? No.  Have I tried a fair share? Why yes of course.  I quickly settled upon the Palomino Blackwing Pencils, specifically the Palomino Pearl model. Buttery smooth and great for warming up and drills (but horrible for drawing guidelines on envelopes).  It's glossy white body and gold ferrule are gorgeous.

The Blackwing 602, with it's gunmetal pearl finish and firmer graphite core (all the Blackwing pencils feature a special graphite core) was a close second, and the Blackwing "Black" was a in 3rd place position, it's graphite core soft but not as soft as the Pearl.  The "Black" was my least favorite aesthetically, it's the only model with a gold band near the ferrule and a matte finish.

We all look for the same thing in a holy grail pencil: line darkness (your preference), point retention, and smoothness.  For the most part you cannot get all 3 qualities in one pencil.

darker line = softer graphite = frequent sharpening

I LOVE the Pearl, but it's soft graphite means I sharpen it a lot.  The 602 holds its point better, but it's not as smooth.  It's like trying find the perfect pair of jeans omg!

I will not go into the erasers on the Blackwings...because we all know they kinda suck.  That's all. (see how I tested erasing on the 602 in the pic below).

Enter the Palomino Blackwing 24.  Four times a year, Blackwing introduces limited edition models.  Thus far, the limited editions have used one of the three Palomino cores (Pearl/602/Black).  Blackwing introduced a new core for this edition.  It is formulated to be slightly firmer than the 602 without sacrificing darkness, and perfect for "extended writing", which I take it to mean less frequent sharpening.  Aesthetically, this pencil is a stunner! Black eraser, black ferrule, glossy black body, and black stamped letters...gorgeous!!!

It's really difficult to describe how a pencil "feels"'s like degrees of smooth butter.  The 24 is definitely smoother than a 602, but not as smooth as a Black.  I love the 24!  I sharpened it, took it for a whirl, and then purchased 2 more boxes...hoarder!

Where does the 24 fall in my lineup?  I like to have 2 types of pencils in my arsenal, one super smooth for ovals, sketching, and doodles, and a second for drawing guidelines (which means they must be erasable) and for writing in my Moleskine planner and Midori Traveller's Notebook.  The Palomino Pearl and 24 will be my dynamic duo...and I love that they are black and white, yin and yang, peas and carrots.

Happy sharpening!

You can purchase the Blackwing 24 (and all the Blackwing pencils) here .  

Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored by Blackwing and all opinions are from my own crazy head.

blackwing pencil comparison
blackwing pencil comparison
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