A Rose is a Rose is a Rose...Comparing Pearl Ex Rose Gold to Fine Tec Rose Gold


A Rose is a rose is a rose...

It has been almost 2 years since Rose Gold Pearl Ex was introduced.  At the time, there was no off the shelf rose gold ink options for calligraphers and other artists.  Personally, I was mixing a dab of Opera Rose gouache with Dr. Ph. Martin's Copperplate Gold to create a rose gold color...but I wanted something consistent.  Rose Gold Pearl Ex was created in my kitchen, and I have been super proud to see it being used all over the world, by calligraphers, clay sculptors, manicure artists, and so many others.

Here we are, it is mid-2017 and the calligraphic arts are in the midst of a revival, and along with that comes new supplies and resources...just last weekend I found Dr. Ph. Martin's Iridescent Inks, Speedball oblique holders, nibs, and Higgins Eternal at my local brick and mortar Michael's (whuuuut?!! wow!).  Use a Michael's 40% off coupon and you got yourself a nice deal on supplies!  We now have another rose gold ink option, in the form of Fine-Tec pan shimmer watercolors.  Add water, apply to your nib with a brush, and voila...rose gold prettiness!

I am asked almost every week how the Fine Tec rose gold compares to the Pearl Ex version (besides the obvious solid pan vs. powder form, and the need to add binder).  I had not tried the Fine Tec version, until today, because the truth is, I have enough rose gold Pearl Ex to last me a lifetime!  I also have plenty of what I call the Booster colors (Brilliant Gold, Super Copper, Super Bronze) to adjust the color to whatever I need to match it to.  I also add rose gold Pearl Ex to Dr. Ph. Martin's Copperplate Gold and Dr. Ph. Martin's Spectralite Liquid Acrylic 54k 18k gold.  I also add a touch to walnut ink for my own personal use. So I really didn't NEED another rose gold option.  (Along with a recent home move, came a massive Kon Mari of my supplies pre-move and a renewed minimalist supply cabinet post-move  - only purchase supplies for billable projects...practice with walnut ink and HP Premium Choice laser paper). With my last order from John Neal Books, I added 2 pans of Fine Tec Rose Gold so that I can finally answer this popular question.

The Fine Tec rose gold is very pretty, really very soft and subtle.  It reminds me of Bobbi Brown Sandwash Pink lip color.  Like all the Fine Tec paints, it flows super smooth from a nib and produces a wonderful shimmer.  By comparison, the Pearl Ex version is a more saturated rose color.  To me, they are both beautiful...I mean, you can't go wrong with either...rose, gold, and shimmer...it's all pretty!

Fine Tec also has a color called "Rose", which I quite like as well.  It's straight up pink shimmer.  And then there is Pearl Ex Pink Gold, which is my all time favorite.  I love the Duo Tone nature of Pink Gold, it flashes gold or pink depending on the angle, so pretty!

Which rose gold is best?  Well, that answer is up to you: 

Do you prefer to brush on or dip your nib? (I totally dissolve the Fine Tec in water so that I can dip, just pop it out of the pan, place the tab in a sealable container, add water, and allow to dissolve).  

What are you matching the rose gold to?  Do you need to adjust the color (you bet I dissolved a Fine Tec rose gold tab and then added some Pearl Ex Super Bronze to change the color).  

Are you just looking for something pretty to practice with?  

Are you budget conscience?  A pan of Fine Tec is about $5, and jar of Pearl Ex is about the same price, but you need to add in the cost of gum arabic as well.

A rose gold is a rose gold is a rose...as long as it is pretty and you like the result and can comfortably work with it, both Pearl Ex rose gold and Fine Tec rose gold are beautiful options to have in your ink cabinet.