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Hi, I'm Joi Hunt, the calligraphy artist behind Bien Fait Calligraphy, based in beautiful Lake Forest, Illinois, on the North Shore of Chicago, where I live with my husband, two children and two dogs.

Pointed pen calligraphy is for me the perfect blend of everything I love: color, texture, the glisten of wet ink, the nib gliding across paper, and using my hands to create something beautiful, inspiring, and meaningful for my clients.  

My pointed pen style is informed from instruction and study in Copperplate, Spencerian, Engrosser's Script, English Roundhand, and Italian Hand. I have been fortunate to study with several Master Penmen , Master Calligraphers, and other artists all over the world.  I have earned a Certificate of Calligraphy in Copperplate from the Calligraphy and Lettering Arts Society of the UK (CLAS).  I pour over gorgeous historical exemplars of the past, and interpret them for how we use calligraphy today, adding personal style and a clean aesthetic, culminating in my signature styles, one of a kind scripts created just for my clients.

My design aesthetic is rooted in being a perpetual student of design, with a BS in Fashion Design, BFA in Interior Design, and AD in Graphic Design, coupled with 20 years of work experience with Herman Miller, Milliken, and legendary Chicago fashion designers Hino & Malee. Clean lines, balance, proportion, and simplicity translate through all areas of design, including my calligraphic styles.

Bien Fait is a French phrase, meaning "made well". Everything I do is crafted with this spirit. Made well and made with love.